blattidus - a revolutionary new web server

never has a web server so elegant, simple, high-tech, forward focused, business oriented, consumer oriented, non-GMO, and fair-trade graced our planet earth.

blattidus is truly the greatest web server to ever exist. have something you want to do? chances are, blattidus can do it.

things blattidus can do

with the latest version of blattidus, blattidus/1.1, you are literally unstoppable! you will reap pure, hegemonic power!

NEW in blattidus/1.1

looking for enterprise solutions? blattidus is the most solutiony solution there ever was!


I'm in! how do I run blattidus?

it's simple! all you have to do is run the command:

curl '' | python3 - PORT FILES...

where "FILES..." is a list of files in your website, and "PORT" is the tcp port you wish to run the server on!

that's it! welcome to blattidus!

live demo

you can see a live demo here!

blattidus adoption

blattidus has begun and it cannot be stopped! behold the first adopter of blattidus!